Acron revamps its Ammonia-4 unit to reach 2,500 MTPD capacity

Acron Group reports on the completion of the ammonia unit revamp project that successfully passed guarantee test runs to confirm the capacity of 2500 MTPD of ammonia production. Ammonia-4 plant operated by Acron company is one of the largest ammonia units in Europe. The plant was commissioned in 2016, total investment reached 500M USD. Acron moved beyond and made every effort to increase its capacity and in late 2017, it was decided to revamp the plant and reach 2,500 MTPD.

Revamp was coordinated by Haldor Topsoe engineering company’s specialists who developed a project that involved another Heat Exchange Reformer (HTER), updated the CO2 Removal Section, and proposed other modifications. Despite the obstacles and travel restrictions seen in 2020, the team of Acron engineers and Topsoe specialists working hundreds of miles apart, enabled the revamp of Ammonia-4, and after a successful overhaul in November 2020, the plant reached the capacity of over 2,500 MTPD.

”Haldor Topsoe and Acron have been in a successful partnership for quite a while and the revamp project, that delivered in November 2020, marked another milestone in our cooperation. We believe our companies’ partnership will develop further for the benefit of both companies,” said Peter Vang Christensen, Managing Director of Haldor Topsoe’s Moscow office.

Aleksandr Popov, Chairman of the board of Acron, said: “boosting the Ammonia-4 plant is an important project of Acron Group’s investment program. Increasing its capacity will allow to sufficiently increase production of nitrogenous and compound fertilizers on our Novgorod site.”

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