Abnormal heat may negatively affect yields in Russia

The abnormal heatwave established in Russia is a threat to grain crops, which are currently flowering and filling in most regions. As General Director of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, Dmitry Rylko predicts, the heat so far doesn’t have a big impact on buckwheat, sunflower and sugar beet.

According to his estimates, Ural is currently facing the most complicated situation. The arid hot weather has come there at the end of April, and “we have already lost quite a lot”. Losses due to drought are expected in the Volga region, less in the south (Stavropol region, Rostov and Volgograd region) and in the center of the country.

There is still enough moisture in the soil in many regions after spring, and the heat doesn’t last for such a long period. Therefore, we shouldn’t predict significant losses in the grain yield, says Vice-President of the Russian Grain Union Alexander Korbut. The south has already begun the harvesting campaign, and the heat will not affect here. Nevertheless, surface droughts are observed in many regions. The lack of rainfalls amid low moisture reserves can be seen in the Volga region. The longer such weather stays, the faster the risks for crops grow.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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