Reni seaport began the transshipment of fertilizers from the Netherlands

A pilot consignment of mineral fertilizers from the Netherlands arrived at the Reni seaport (Ukraine) on a self-propelled barge Amisa and was transshipped by the operator — the company ReniLis. As follows from Reni’s Facebook page, the volume of the consignment is 1.935 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers.

Two more consignments of mineral fertilizers from the Netherlands should arrive at the Reni seaport soon. The total volume of their transshipment from ships is supposed to be 6 thousand tons.

ReniLis specializes in the transshipment of mineral fertilizers and oil products. Since the beginning of this year, the company has transshipped 67 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers.

The Reni seaport is the most important transport hub of Ukraine, which allows transshipping goods to the sea and river vessels, road and rail transports.

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