Rusmolco has launched a new farm

The Russian Dairy Company (Rusmolco) has completed the construction of a new dairy farm estimated at 7.2 thousand units of milking herd. The total investments amounted to 7 billion rubles (approximately $96 million).

The project was implemented in several stages. Rusmolco launched the first stage of the farm of 5.2 thousand heads at the end of 2019, and at the beginning of 2021 began the construction of the second stage, which should increase the farm’s capacity up to 7.2 thousand units of milking herd.

The farm is planned to reach its design capacity in 2022 and provides for an increase in milk production up to 300 tons per day or over 100 thousand tons per year.

“It’s likely that besides milk, the farm will produce and sell manure as a by-product, which is the most important type of organic fertilizer, as it contains 0,5-2% of nitrogen, 0,5-0,7% of potassium, and 0,2-0,5% of phosphorus,” said Andrey Viktorov, Editor of Fertilizer Daily.

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