Food Fund of Chuvashia continues to provide farmers with mineral fertilizers

The Food Fund of Chuvashia has received the next consignments of mineral fertilizers. Ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride, and phosphate rock are unloaded from carriages directly into cars and sent to agricultural enterprises of the Republic.

“The main part of mineral fertilizers is delivered to us by rail,” said Alexander Bogdanov, General Director of the Food Fund of Chuvashia. “This is a fast way which has the best effect on the fertilizer prices for our farmers. Moreover, farmers receive fertilizers directly from the manufacturer, without transshipment, eliminating any risks of the supply of counterfeit fertilizers.”

Each batch of fertilizers comes with a test certificate, and we also take samples for the additional laboratory analysis.

As of today, the Food Fund of Chuvashia has significantly expanded the range of mineral fertilizers, taking into account the requests and needs of agricultural producers. The purchase of fertilizers is in full swing, prices are daily monitored, and applications from farmers are being accepted.

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