Acron intends to buy a plant in Brazil

The Minister of Agriculture of Brazil Tereza Cristina held a meeting with Acron Group Vice President Vladimir Kantor.

Vladimir Kantor assured Tereza Cristina that Acron Group will increase the supply of mineral fertilizers to Brazil by at least 10%. Mr. Kantor also informed the Minister about ongoing negotiations between Acron Group and the oil and gas company Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) on the purchase of the Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III.

In December 2017, Petrobras announced its intention to sell Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III (together with the Araucaria Nitrogenado plant), the creation of which has not been completed. The designed capacity of the plant is 800 thousand tons of ammonia and 1.3 million tons of carbamide per year.

“The desire of Acron Group to acquire Nitrogen Fertilizer Unit III, instead of supporting and developing domestic production capacities, does not correspond to the general tendency of the Russian government and business to support the home economy. While Russia makes every effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of unemployed is growing, Acron Group plans to buy a plant in Brazil instead of creating new jobs and providing additional income to the home budget,” said Andrey Viktorov, Editor of Fertilizer Daily.

Source: Portal DBO

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