Russia plans to expand the area of greenhouse complexes

According to the statement of the Deputy Director of the agriculture analysis center, Ravil Abuzyarov, in 2021-2028, Russia plans to invest about 203.5 billion rubles (approximately $2.75 billion) in the construction of new greenhouse complexes.

Ravil Abuzyarov expects that most of the capital investments will go to the Moscow region – 39.9 billion rubles (about $539.5 million), Krasnoyarsk region – 10.5 billion rubles (about $142 million), and Chukotka – 40.3 billion rubles (almost $545 million). It’s planned to complete 7 investment projects in 2021, 23 projects in 2022, 14 in 2023, and only 4 in 2028.

As Ravil Abuzyarov reports, in 2020, domestic greenhouse complexes produced 1.463 million tons of tomatoes and 949.8 thousand tons of cucumbers. At the same time, Russia imported 489.7 thousand tons of tomatoes and 69.1 thousand tons of cucumbers and exported 19.6 thousand tons and 28.3 thousand tons, respectively.

Russia mainly exports tomatoes from Azerbaijan, Turkey, and China and cucumbers from Belarus and China. While exporting these vegetables from Ukraine and Belarus.

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