Home vegetable growing is becoming more popular in Russia

AliExpress has analyzed its sales in the 4th quarter of 2021 and reports that demand in Russia for home vegetable growing and gardening products supplied by domestic sellers has grown markedly. Experts explained several reasons for such dynamics: new hobbies, the desire to reduce food costs, and advanced preparation for the summer season.

The demand for fertilizers grew the most by 17.5 times. Customers most often choose growth and nutrition stimulants, as well as liquid universal fertilizers for all indoor plants. They are ready to pay for popular products of the category from 200 to 500 rubles (approximately $2.5-6.5).

Sales of products for growing plants without soil have doubled. In this category, users often choose seedling heating mats, breathable pots for the plants’ root system, and grow boxes. Customers pay from 1 thousand rubles (about $12.5) for a heating mat to 6 thousand rubles (about $76) for a grow box.

The demand for plant pots increased 8.2 times. At the same time, users more often choose the grow bags, which are fabric bags-pots that prevent rotting and evenly heat up. For popular products in this category, buyers can spend from 500 to 1.4 thousand rubles (approximately $6-18).

The sales of professional lighting of plants increased by 17.9 times. Especially popular are LED grow lamps with a switch-off timer. For these lamps, people pay 600-1.3 thousand rubles (about $7.5-16.5).

Of the seeds, the most popular are the seeds of low-growing tomatoes, dwarf pomegranate, watermelon cucumbers, and strawberries. On average, Russians are ready to spend 200-400 rubles on a package of seeds (about $2.5-5).

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