Belarus accelerates the accumulation of fertilizers

As the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus reports, the stocks of mineral fertilizers for spring sowing are currently exceeding the level of last year by 22%. Of their total volume, stocks of nitrogen fertilizers increased by 12%, phosphorus by 9%, potassium by 36%.

Geographically, mineral fertilizer reserves increased by 113% in the Mogilev region, by 33% in the Grodno region, by 29% in the Brest region, by 6% in the Gomel and Vitebsk regions, and by 1% in the Minsk region.

As of today, the total reserves of mineral fertilizers in Belarus amount to 29% of the required level for spring sowing. In the Grodno and Brest regions, they are equal to 42%, in the Minsk region to 31%, in the Mogilev region to 23%, in the Gomel region to 18%, in the Vitebsk region to 13%.

Source: Belarus Today

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