Kyrgyzstan tries to prevent a shortage of fertilizers

The Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyzstan announced the allocation of 975.4 million soms (about $11.2 million) from the state budget for the import of 30 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers. Thus, the Ministry intends to support farmers and prevent a sharp rise in prices for mineral fertilizers and their shortage.

In 2022, the agriculture of Kyrgyzstan needs 268.6 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, including 146.9 thousand tons of nitrogen, 104.5 thousand tons of phosphorus and 17.2 thousand tons of potassium.

Last year, the country’s agriculture required 266.7 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, while 139.1 thousand tons were imported. As a result, there was a shortage of them in the domestic market, which led to their rise in price.

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