European Union will impose sanctions against potassium fertilizers from Belarus

European Union imposed new sanctions against Belarus, in particular, against the supply of potassium fertilizers from the country.

In June last year, the authorities of the European Union imposed sanctions on mineral fertilizers exported from Belarus to the European market. However, they concerned only NPK fertilizers and potassium chloride with the content of potassium oxide of less than 40% or more than 62%.

Belaruskali supplies the European Union mainly with potassium chloride with the content of potassium oxide in the range of 40-62%. As a result, sanctions of the European Union didn’t impact a significant part of the export of Belaruskali products.

“The authorities of the European Union are trying to catch up and limit Belaruskali operations on their territory. However, if they success, the EU may face a shortage of potassium chloride and the rise in prices for it. The capacities of K+S Group may not be enough to completely replace the supplies of Belaruskali to the European market. EuroChem will also not be able to quickly increase production, trying to occupy a promising niche,” commented the information and analytical service of Fertilizer Daily.

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