EasyMining is testing innovative technology to produce nitrogen fertilizers

The Swedish company EasyMining (part of the Ragn-Sells group) is testing a plant for extracting nitrogen from wastewater.

According to the statement of the Head of Marketing at EasyMining, Anna Lundbom, current biological wastewater treatment processes lead to the nitrogen emissions into the atmosphere, while the testing plant is capturing it and producing nitrogen fertilizers.

“We want to save nitrogen and reuse it. Therefore, we are capturing the ammonium form of nitrogen and then produce nitrogen fertilizers with it,” said Anna Lundbom.

The pilot plant was created as part of the Life Re-Fertilize project launched in 2019. Its members are EasyMining, Biofos and the Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen. The technology for extracting the ammonium form of nitrogen from wastewater was developed and patented by EasyMining.

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