Russia has sharply reduced export of mineral fertilizers

As of the end of April 2022, the export of mineral fertilizers and raw materials for their production from Russia by rail fell by 11% (compared to March) and amounted to 1.9 million tons.

The export of Acron Group’s products fell by 25% last month, and the company supplied only apatite concentrate to Belgium. At the same time, EuroChem increased the export of mineral fertilizers by 18%.

In general, in the January-April period of 2022, rail transportation of mineral fertilizers abroad decreased by almost 23% to 9.9 million tons. Export through border crossings fell by 42% to 3.4 million tons, and transit through land borders increased 2.4 times to 0.35 million tons. Exports through seaports decreased by almost 6% to 6.5 million tons.

Source: Interfax

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