RFPA calls European Union not to hinder fertilizer exports from Russia

According to the statement of the President of the Russian Fertilizer Producers Association (RFPA), Andrey Guryev, western sanctions against Russia negatively affects its export of mineral fertilizers, therefore, supporting the food crisis.

“Council of the European Union emphasized that no restrictive measures should apply to Russian fertilizers and food. It’s important that the EU confirmed its commitment to provide the global food security,” said Andrey Guryev. “Our country plays a key role in providing the world with food. Russia confidently holds the second place in the world (after China) in terms of production of mineral fertilizers and has become their key exporter on the planet. Last year, 29% of all mineral fertilizers imported by Europe were produced in Russia.”

However, as follows from his report, sanctions imposed by the European Union have a serious negative effect on the supply of fertilizers to the global market.

It’s mostly associated with the logistics issues and difficulties with transactions of payments. These artificially created barriers lead to the destruction of the existing logistics schemes and supply chains of fertilizers to end consumers, and hence to the further escalation of the food crisis.

“In this regard, we hope that the European Union will soon issue a relevant resolution to guarantee importers that they will not fall under the sanctions legislation when interacting with Russian producers of mineral fertilizers,” said Andrey Guryev.

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