Novosibirsk region authorities will expand support measures for farmers

The authorities of the Novosibirsk region will increase funding by 686 million rubles (over $11 million) to support local farmers. Among other things, the financing will cover part of the farmers’ expenses for purchasing mineral fertilizers.

Such large-scale support will contribute to a better and more efficient implementation of all fieldwork, and a good harvest, noted the Minister of Agriculture of the Novosibirsk region, Yevgeny Leshchenko.

“In total, within the framework of the program approved by the government of the region in 2022, over 3.1 billion rubles (almost $50.5 million) have already been allocated to the farmers of the Novosibirsk region, which is significantly more than a year earlier,” Yevgeny Leshchenko stated.


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