Sowing campaign in Ukraine is under threat

The Ukrainian agricultural sector, like most other sectors of the country’s economy, is in a deep crisis, which may cause a disruption of the sowing campaign.

Denis Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council, said at a briefing that due to a lack of finances, Ukrainian farmers may be left without fertilizers, fuel, and seed material necessary for the sowing campaign.

According to his statement, the government did not extend the program of preferential lending, which was in effect earlier, so the producers are faced with the problem of debt to banks, which requires not only the return of interest but also the principal debt.

Taking into account that farmers can meet their needs for mineral fertilizers by only 30%, the situation makes it almost impossible to carry out a sowing campaign.

In addition to the shortage of fertilizers and fuel, Ukrainian farmers also faced a shortage of seed grain. The fact is that almost all grain (about 20 million tons), including sowing grain, was exported from Ukraine through the “grain corridor” and other ways.

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