The quality of Togliattiazot products has improved

Togliattiazot employees continue to work on maintaining the high-quality characteristics of carbamide during its transportation over long distances. Now they decided to treat the granules with an anti-caking additive. This will help reduce the hygroscopicity of the product, which makes it prone to clumping and caking.

Preservation of the flowability of granules and improvement of their technological properties is ensured by surface treatment with special additives. The anti-caking agent forms a film on the surface of the granules, which prevents moisture absorption. It consists of 90% water, while the remaining 10% are macromolecular substances and other components that are used in medicine and the production of products, including cosmetic and food products. The material is safe for humans and meets all environmental requirements. The anti-caking additive was tested in the central laboratory of the enterprise. Togliattiazot specialists manufactured equipment that simulates the effect of static loads and environmental parameters on carbamide treated with an anti-caking agent during its transportation and storage. This made it possible to determine the effectiveness of the additive used.

Since carbamide is used to produce urea-formaldehyde resin, Togliattiazot specialists conducted additional laboratory studies, which confirmed the absence of the impact of additives on the production technology of carbamide processing products.

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