Russian scientists have found the way to improve soil fertility

Scientists from Tyumen State University proposed to improve the quality of soils and increase their fertility through the use of biochar obtained from organic waste. It will also allow to replace mineral fertilizers and protect the environment. The results of this study have been published in Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery.

During the research, scientists received biochar from organic waste. It was also used as an additive to increase the yield of grain crops. The study showed that biochar, obtained from wheat straw and cow dung, introduced into the soil, increases the weight gain of soft spring wheat by 14-23%.

The use of ameliorants based on biochar can reduce the amount of organic waste and increase crop yields.

A highly porous carbon material is obtained by the thermal processing of straw, sawdust, and pine nut shells in an oxygen-free environment. The addition of this material to the soil improves its water-air regime and structure.

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