Uralchem’s Azot branch prepares for large-scale repair work

The Azot branch of Uralchem plans to conduct a large-scale shutdown repair. At the same time, work will be carried out at the ammonia production, in the carbamide workshops, the weak nitric acid and ammonium nitrate worshops. Such a serious repair became possible due to the fact that the main gas pipeline “Chusovoi-Berezniki-Solikamsk” will be disconnected from 15 to 19 August.

Taking advantage of this “window”, specialists at unit No. 1 of ammonia production will replace the catalyst of the reforming furnace. At the second unit of the same production, maintenance repairs will be carried out with the elimination of defects and cleaning of heat exchangers. In the carbamide shop, the evaporators of the 2nd and 3rd stages of distillation will be replaced. Due to the implementation of the planned repair work, the reliability and stability of the equipment will increase, and the production output will increase.

Repair work will be complex, as they will be carried out simultaneously in several workshops. Start-up boilers for ammonia production should be the first to be repaired. They will provide the enterprise with ferry. Then the units of weak nitric acid of shop No. 5 will be launched. These units will help to increase the amount of generated steam. This will allow the rest of the processing shops to be launched. Repair work will be completed with the launch of unit No. 1 of ammonia production.

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