Berezniki Azot launched the new digital platform

Azot branch of Uralchem in Berezniki (Perm region) is implementing the Shutdown Repair Management System project. About 6 million rubles (about $79 thousand) were allocated for the development of the digital platform.

The main advantage of the Shutdown Repair Management System is its mobility. The program can in real-time send tasks to employees of repair teams, as well as track the progress of repairs both from a computer and a mobile phone. The system combines all types of work into one base and quickly obtain accurate data on the progress of each stage of work at any time.

The experimental implementation of the system was conducted in section A of the weak nitric acid workshop. The specialists tested the program during the shutdown repair of the workshop. About 200 separate types of work, which were divided into directions, each with several performers, were loaded into the program. For example, a repairman can only see their part of work in a mobile app and daily report on its implementation. Based on this data, another user may see the progress of the repair. During the test mode, specialists pointed what should be modified or improved in the program.

“This program helps to visualize and conveniently monitor the progress of work. It’s accessible both from a computer and a mobile phone. Unlike the 1C program, which is currently in use, where only the plan and the fact of completed work are indicated, Shutdown Repair Management System expands the boundaries and can show both the current status of individual works in real-time and the sequence of activities. Quick, convenient and simple,” said Andrey Semenyuk, Director of Berezniki Azot.

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