Metafrax took part in the international conference “Methanol”

The Metafrax Group delegation presented its view on the prospects for the development of the methanol industry at the XVIII international conference “Methanol”, which was held on September 14-15 in St. Petersburg.

Metafrax Group was represented at the conference by Levon Garslyan, director of strategy and investments, Tatyana Artyushkova, senior analyst of the strategy and development department, Ivan Mikhailov, chief foreign trade expert of Metafrax Chemicals, as well as representatives of Metafrax Trading company Irina Khasanova, head of the marketing department and Yuri Bystrykh, head of the commercial department.

A discussion of new ways to develop the methanol industry was on the agenda of the conference. Market participants discussed the consequences of the decline in Russian methanol exports oriented to the West and the reorientation of shipments to the Asian direction. However, according to representatives of the Metafrax Group holding, today there is an increasing need to develop new markets for the sale of methanol.

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