Nutrien Ag Solutions acquires new biocontrol technology from Suncor Energy

Nutrien Ag Solutions has completed its acquisition of Suncor Energy’s AgroScience division, obtaining several patented and patent-pending biocontrol technologies. This strategic move is part of Nutrien’s efforts to expand its biocontrol capabilities through its Loveland Products business.

The newly acquired technology promises a novel mode of action and advantages in resistance management. It is recognized within the industry for its potential to compete with traditional synthetic crop protection products by delivering similar efficacy, stability, and economic benefits.

Casey McDaniel, Vice President of Loveland Products, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition: “We’re excited to further develop this new technology, which is expected to help accelerate our efforts in delivering a broader range of solutions that aim to maximize yields.” McDaniel highlighted the growing demand for bio-based solutions among farmers, which align with existing management practices and contribute to improved yield and efficiency, thus supporting sustainability initiatives.

The biocontrol market is poised for growth as agricultural producers seek more environmentally friendly solutions. “Biologicals are important next-step tools for elevating the potential in every field,” McDaniel added, indicating that more such products are expected to be brought to market under the Loveland brand or through partnerships, catering to a diverse range of farmers globally.

The launch of the new chlorin-based photosensitizer formulations is scheduled for selected global markets by 2025, with submissions for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval expected by 2026. Nutrien Ag Solutions plans to market these products within the Loveland Products portfolio.

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