Optiemus unveils new agricultural drones to boost farm productivity in India

Optiemus Unmanned Systems, a subsidiary of the prominent Indian telecommunications and electronics firm Optiemus Infracom Limited, has introduced a new line of agricultural and mapping drones, crafted with components predominantly designed and manufactured in India. The unveiling occurred at the 5th Drone International Expo held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, showcasing the company’s commitment to fostering technological advancements in agriculture.

The company has adopted a “Drone as a Service” strategy, planning to train approximately 6,000 pilots to operate a fleet of 5,000 drones by the end of 2025. This initiative is part of a larger investment of 1.4 billion Indian Rupee ($16,77 million). The strategic move aims to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Make in India” by enhancing the productivity and profitability of India’s agricultural sector.

Optiemus’s drone range includes models like the Agri Shakti 10L, an agricultural drone equipped with a 10-liter spray tank that can cover an acre in about 7 minutes, and the Vajra QC P20, a precision agriculture and mapping drone that boasts a flight duration of over 30 minutes and a survey area of up to one square kilometer.

The company targets a minimum of 65% indigenization in the manufacturing of these drones, planning to increase this to 75% by the end of the fiscal year. The components successfully localized include the power distribution board, anti-spark switch, flight controller, airframe, and motor.

The introduction of these drones is expected to help Indian farmers by increasing farmland productivity and reducing input costs, leading to higher incomes. The drones are priced to enable widespread adoption across the country, with the Agri Shakti 10L starting at 2.25 lakhs plus GST.

Optiemus is also focusing on after-sales service and support to ensure smooth operational continuity for its customers. This includes having a reserve of drones and components ready for deployment, along with a technically skilled team to handle any operational issues.

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