JGC Evergreen to grow strawberries in the Khabarovsk Krai

The Japanese-based JGC Evergreen, a resident of the Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development “Khabarovsk”, has not abandoned plans for year-round cultivation of Yotsuboshi strawberries in its greenhouses.

“Our company plans to grow strawberries year-round,” said Ekaterina Panova, Assistant Director General of JGC Evergreen. – The Japanese are proud of their strawberries, as the strawberries are known for their sweetness, quality of berries, aroma and size. Today this country does not export seedlings or seeds to Russia, we are the first company to receive the right to import and register the Japanese variety.”

As emphasized by Ekaterina Panova, JGC Evergreen continues to undergo the variety testing procedure. If Yotsuboshi shows an advantage over the variety that has already passed strict Russian selection in terms of yield, taste, aesthetic qualities and disease resistance, then JGC Evergreen will receive permission to register, and will begin growing seedlings and introduce berries to the residents of Khabarovsk approximately in the second half of 2020.

It should be added that phosphorus-potash fertilizers are needed to grow vegetables and berries in greenhouses.

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