Chusovoy Mineral Fertilizers ensures production to full capacity

In the 1st quarter of 2020, the enterprise Chusovoy Mineral Fertilizers (Chusovskie mineralniye udobreniya, Perm Krai) is planning to reach its full production capacity – up to 48 thousand tons per year, said Sergey Belov, the head of the Chusovskoy municipal district.

According to him, to date, the investment phase of the project is completed: the production shop and the gate house have been overhauled, a new railway siding as well as an administration and amenity building have been constructed. In addition, the technological lines for unloading cars and granulating fertilizers have been put into operation.

By early October, the total investment, according to Sergey Belov, amounted to 300 million rubles (approximately $4.7 million); of them, 150 million rubles (about $2.3 million) were attracted as loans.

Chusovoy Mineral Fertilizers produces granular ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride. The company has already reached a production volume of more than 150 tons per day.

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