Uralchem meeting warehouse & storage partners

In Sochi, the Uralchem Trading House has held the second annual conference for its contractors storing the company’s products at regional warehouses for further sale to end consumers, local farmers and agricultural holdings. Representatives of more than 30 partner companies from all federal districts of Russia.

The work program consisted of two sessions of reports, as well as a section for business communication. By tradition, the Director of the Uralchem Trading House, Yuri Voronin, was personally greeting the attendees. In his speech, the Director spoke about the company development strategy, as well as what role partners will play in its implementation.

“The domestic market is and has always been a priority for our company. Uralchem is trying to satisfy the demands of domestic farmers and develop a distribution system that is convenient for them. Being different from our competitors, the company has a domestic sales strategy which leverages the strengths and effectiveness of partners providing comprehensive services for the storage, transshipment and delivery of fertilizers to farms. The format of the conference allows us to discuss all relevant issues and build plans for further collaboration,” said Yuri Voronin.

The event also summed up the work for 2019 and outlined areas of activity for 2020. This was what Dmitry Filipenko, Head of the Logistics Department of the Uralchem Trading House, spoke about.

“A qualitative leap is required in the development of warehouse infrastructure, as this is an indispensable step to take us to the next level of development,” Mr. Filipenko noted in his report. In addition, new requirements were identified for product storage warehouses, which the company will present this year.

Ksenia Khaseeva, Head of Marketing Communications at Uralchem, spoke about the new pilot project “Warehouse Branding”: “This year we plan to brand one storing facility. The partner will be offered several Uralchem brand identifier tools, with which the appearance of the facility will correspond to the corporate identity of our company. Thus, the warehouse will become not only a place of product storage and supply, but also a promotion tool.”

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