Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers to improve storage facilities

Employees of the Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers plant (part of Uralchem) have begun overhaul repair of the building, which is planned to be used to store potassium chloride. Thus, the plant intends to optimize the scheme for unloading and feeding potassium chloride to Ammophos Shop No. 2, where it is used to produce complex mineral fertilizers.

The total area of the potassium-chloride-warehouse-to-be is about 3 thousand square meters. Reception area, storage, loading and unloading zones will be arranged at the facility. The project provides for the installation of an unloading rack inside the warehouse building and the restoration of the rail ports, as well as large-scale repairs of the roof, supporting metal structures and major repairs of the reinforced concrete bunker. The new warehouse will ensure the continuity of the manufacturing process for the production of complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) fertilizers at the planned level (450 thousand tons per year).

Currently, load-lifting mechanisms – two bridge-type clamshell cranes that will be involved in the loading of raw materials – are being restored at the facility.

“The new warehouse is designed to store about 6 thousand tons of potassium chloride,” said Igor Karagichev, Deputy Chief Engineer in charge of Manufacturing. “And, if today, we are forced to unload potassium chloride literally from delivery vehicles directly to production units, then soon we will have the opportunity to create the necessary reserve, as well as significantly optimize the system of unloading and feeding raw materials to production shops. Due to this, we will reduce the downtime of cars, mitigate the risk of interruptions in the supply of raw materials, which in its turn, will lead to stabilization of production, enterprise resources saving and our product quality improvement.”

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