Uralchem uses Big Data to predict own production volumes

Uralchem has launched a single management system based on Big Data. Using machine learning technologies, Uralchem will be able to precisely predict the volume and the quality of the products, build a predictive service pattern of the equipment and test business hypotheses.

The creation of single information space for work with data coming from the equipment sensors became the first step towards the introduction of a common Big Data system and BI analytics for all Uralchem’s enterprises. The system already has the integration with the BI platform for the creation of the real-time reports and also for the implementation of an algorithm for analyzing deviations, monitoring and identifying non-functioning sensors in near real-time mode.

“There is a large-scale digital transformation in Uralchem. The holding’s digital divisions, previously performing service functions, become the drivers of development. They create technological solutions, which allow us to optimize and increase the value of our company’s business processes,” said Vladimir Rudenko, the Head of the Department of Information Technology of Uralchem’s branch.

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