New organic fertilizer invented in Irkutsk

The interregional veterinary laboratory of Irkutsk researched organic fertilizers obtained during the freezing of sludge-lignin sediments of the Baikal pulp and paper plant for compliance with toxicological and agrochemical indicators.

Organic fertilizers include the frozen sludge-lignin of the own production and waste activated sludge of the city’s treatment facilities of Baikalsk in a ratio of 4:1.

Studies have shown that the fertilizers comply with current standards. Fertilizers do not correspond only to such a parameter as benzopyrene. Nevertheless, the conclusion notes that the data obtained on the content of benzopyrene require additional research since the sediment of the lignin sludge has a complex organic composition.

The concentration of benzopyrene may be reduced by natural phytoremediation or by fertilizers dilution with various inert materials (such as sawdust, bark, soil, silt).

The technology proposed by researchers lies in the annual conducting of engineering, reclamation, and agrotechnical works, which are aimed at creating optimal conditions for natural processes implementation.

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