New greenhouse complex will be built in Buryatia

As the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments of Buryatia Anton Vinogradov reports, a project for the construction of a greenhouse complex will be implemented in the city of Gusinoozersk (Buryatia).

The construction of the complex began in 2018, then it was frozen for two years due to the lack of funds. Earlier it was assumed that 2 billion rubles (approximately $27 million) would be provided by The Far East and Arctic Development Fund with the commissioning of the first stage of the complex in 2021.

The first stage involved the construction of 11 hectares of greenhouse facilities, as well as service and engineering infrastructure. During the second stage, it was planned to build 18.4 hectares in 2022-2023. The project required up to 9.2 billion rubles (approximately $125 million) of total investments and provided 510 new jobs.

“It was decided to finish the construction only of the first stage of the greenhouse complex on 11 hectares, which will annually produce 10 thousand tons of vegetables,” said Galsan Dareev, Deputy Prime Minister of Buryatia.

Source: MK.RU

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