Belorechensky will be sold at auction

On July 26 this year, the acceptance of applications to participate in the auction for the sale of the Belorechensky greenhouse complex (Krasnodar region) should be completed.

The potential buyer will own land plots, greenhouses and related infrastructure facilities. The selling price of Belorechensky is almost 551 million rubles (approximately $7.4 million).

The investor in the construction of Belorechensky was the Agrotip company. The first two stages of Belorechensky started operating in 2016, the construction of the third stage started in 2017.

However, in 2020, Belorechensky was declared bankrupt at the suit of Sberbank, as Belorechensky’s debt amounted to almost 530 million rubles (approximately $7.1 million).

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