Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant improves products quality

Kirovo-Chepetsk Chemical Plant (KCKK, part of Uralchem) has launched a drum processing unit for the complex fertilizer granules with talc and amino-oil mixture. Over 50 million rubles (approximately $675 thousand) were invested in the project.

The main task of such a processing technique is to increase the products’ shelf life and ensure the possibility of supplying complex fertilizers to the furthermost parts of the world without losing quality. This method is successfully applied by other producers as well.

The essence of the technology is that talc, supplied at the entrance to the drum together with the granular product, bridge the pores on the surface of the granules. Then the granules are treated with an oil mixture supplied through a nozzle.

As a result, the amino-oil mixture creates a film effect, making the granules smoother. The approximate consumption of talc per ton of product is five kilograms.
The new processing unit includes a conditioning drum weighing over 10 tons, three conveyors, an elevator, a product and talc scales, and talc receiving container.

“In July this year, we launched the new unit. We have already received the first results of laboratory studies of the processing quality, which say that the product has improved its performance. The project aims to improve the quality of complex fertilizers and ensure the satisfaction of consumers of our products,” said Mikhail Krupnov, Chief Technologist for Mineral Fertilizers at KCKK.

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