Acron has modernized its largest carbamide unit

The Acron plant (part of Acron Group) completed a full-scale modernization of carbamide unit No.6. This allowed the plant to increase its capacity from 600 tons to 2,050 thousand tons per day, while the annual production of carbamide will amount to 2 million tons. $85 million was invested in the project.

The enterprise currently operates six carbamide units. Units No.1-4 were launched in 1969-1972, later they were modernized to a capacity of 730 thousand tons per year. In 2012, carbamide unit No.5 with a capacity of 350 thousand tons per year was commissioned and subsequently upgraded to 515 thousand tons per year. The company is currently reconstructing carbamide units No.1-4, the completion of which will allow Acron to increase its total capacity to 2.4 million tons of carbamide per year by 2023.

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