Uralchem has launched the new complex fertilizers production

Uralchem has launched the GEO NPK enterprise (the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region) to produce complex fertilizers. GEO NPK will allow Uralchem to expand its product portfolio by more than 100 brands of fertilizers.

GEO NPK will mix and granulate mineral fertilizers. Its capacity is 150 thousand tons per year and can be increased up to 220 thousand tons. There are railway lines and a warehouse on the territory of the enterprise.

As of today, GEO NPK has produced 3 thousand tons of products. Four brands of mineral fertilizers have already been registered and nine more registrations are scheduled to be completed by March 2022.

The new plant enables Uralchem to individually develop fertilizers for the needs of customers and expand its product range for different crops, soils and climates. The products are planned to be supplied both to the domestic market and abroad.

“Before the launch of the enterprise, we conducted a large-scale preparation and repair campaign. We expect that the unique brands of mineral fertilizers of our enterprise will increase the demand for Uralchem’s products and will help to reach new customers,” said Fedor Kuzichkin, General Director of GEO NPK.

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