Uralchem expands the geography of its agricultural tests

The agronomic service of Uralchem has reported 2021 operation results, taking into account the results of agricultural tests. During the tests, they ​​improved the quantitative and qualitative indicators of crop production.

Agricultural tests in 2021 were conducted on the territory of over 20 farms in 15 regions of Russia. Uralchem has proved the efficiency of its ​​products on major crops in various climatic and soil conditions. The total area of cultivated fields was more than 5 thousand hectares. The tests were carried out on traditional and most demanded crops, including winter and spring wheat, barley, peas, soybeans, rapeseed, potatoes, sunflowers, and sugar beets (13 types of crops in total).

In 2021, agricultural tests mainly focused on introducing a complex foliar dressing and improved and premium products into farming technologies of the regions. In particular, it was the first test of carbamide sulfate UAS 34:12 and concentrated calcium nitrate with boron.

In parallel, new products were tested, including the biomineral fertilizer Multistart 15:15:15:11. The work was carried out in 3 federal districts on 4 crops: sunflower, corn, buckwheat and spring wheat. The yield per hectare increased by 10-15% compared to the classic mineral fertilizer without a biocomponent.

“Uralchem continues intensive work in a priority for the company Russian market on the creation and introduction of advanced agricultural technologies. Today, we not only produce traditional and new highly effective types of fertilizers but also provide integrated solutions for agriculture. Built on extensive experience, our technologies and services are available in almost all regions of Russia,” said Tatyana Surdina, Marketing Director of Uralchem.

Besides agricultural tests, the consultants of the company spoke on the features of building plant nutrition systems and provided farmers with training seminars. In total in 2021, over a thousand agricultural producers participated in the educational program of the company.

On July 29, Uralchem also conducted its own Field Day, attended by over 90 managers and specialists of agricultural enterprises. This event served as a good platform for the exchange of experience and the development of new agronomic competencies directly in the field.

In 2021, the agricultural laboratory began its work in a test mode. Its activities are aimed at performing agrochemical analyzes of soils, plants, irrigation waters and other biological objects. Based on the results of the analysis the laboratory provides recommendations to the farmers.

In 2022, the agronomic service of Uralchem ​​will continue to expand the area of its operations, as well as increase the flow of analyzes in its agricultural laboratory.

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