Russia may extend the ban on the export of ammonium nitrate

In the case of a shortage of ammonium nitrate, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia may appeal to the government with a proposal to extend the ban on its export, which ends in April.

“We keep monitoring the situation with mineral fertilizers. If there will be a shortage of ammonium nitrate, we will apply for the prolongation of the measures to saturate the domestic market with it,” said Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Olga Lut.

Earlier, the government of Russia banned exports of ammonium nitrate for two months to provide domestic agriculture for spring sowing. Olga Lut noted that there is currently a strong demand for it.

“Therefore, companies are changing their structure of investments in mineral fertilizers from more expensive to cheaper. The cheapest mineral fertilizer is ammonium nitrate. In this regard, the government decided to restrict the export of ammonium nitrate for two months,” said Olga Lut.

Olga Lut also notes that there are no particular difficulties for other types of mineral fertilizers since their production exceeds consumption in Russia.

Source: Interfax

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