Acron products stuck in Estonia

Muuga Harbour (Estonia) has accumulated 80 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers produced by Acron Group. Of their total volume, 12 thousand tons are ammonium nitrate and the rest is carbamide and complex fertilizers.

They are stuck due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union authorities against Vyacheslav Kantor, the owner of the Acron Group. He was forced to almost halve his stake, transferring part of them to trust management of the top management of the Acron Group.

Representatives of the Estonian state authorities discussed this problem but could not solve it.

“In the case of ammonium nitrate, the storage conditions are more important than the quantity of the product,” said Ingrid Teinemaa, head of the technical department of the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority, recalling the strict rules for storing fertilizers in terms of volume, humidity level and temperature, and the frequency of inspection procedures.

Source: Postimees

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