Uralchem will support African farmers with free fertilizers

Uralchem will supply African farmers with carbamide and complex fertilizers at no charge. This will be part of the company’s contribution to global food security. The decision was made as part of the memorandum of understanding between Russia and the UN on promoting Russian products and mineral fertilizers to the world market. The first batch of 25 thousand tons will go to Togo.

“Amid a difficult geopolitical situation that has had a significant impact on the global market in the production and consumption of fertilizers, Uralchem ​​is ready to assist African agricultural producers by supplying them with the company’s basic or improved products free of charge,” said Dmitry Konyaev, General Director of Uralchem. “As one of the key industry players, we understand the importance of supporting agriculture both in the domestic market and in the African market, which is particularly acute in the current economic crisis.”

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