Schelkovo Agrohim presented new 2023 fertilizers product line

One of the most important areas of work of Schelkovo Agrohim (Moscow region) is the creation of fertilizers and microbiological products, which are part of intensive crop production. The company presented several new products in 2023:

NPK fertilizer “Azafok”. This is a microbiological fertilizer designed to improve the nutrition of crops with phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. Registration of this tool is expected on all crops. It can be used in three ways: when processing planting/seed material, by applying it to the soil in spring, and as a foliar top dressing.

SK 2020. This calcium-containing mineral nitrogen-free fertilizer is intended for foliar application and pre-sowing seed treatment. Broad registration is planned for all crops.

Ultramag Calcium Active. This calcium-containing organomineral fertilizer is intended for foliar application. It’s enriched with boron and other trace elements. The fertilizer is planned to be registered for foliar feeding of vegetables, field crops, grapes, and fruit and berry crops.

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