Nika-Tera resumes fertilizer transshipment

Nika-Tera Specialized Sea Port (Ukraine) has resumed the transshipment of nitrogen fertilizers. Particularly, two vessels successfully loaded with ammonia nitrate of Ukrainian production will bring the commodities to the markets of India and Turkey, Group DF (the owner of Nika-Tera Sea Port) reports.

“For the first time in the last five years, our port has again started transshipment of fertilizers,” said Alim Agakishiev, Harbourmaster of Nika-Tera. “I hope that the Ukrainian chemical industry will continue ramping up its production and that the transshipment of fertilizers sent for export will increase.”

Nika-Tera has four complexes aimed at the transshipment of grain, mineral fertilizers, meal, bulk and liquid cargo. Last year, the port met 410 vessels and transfer 8.637 million tons of cargo.

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