KazAzot plans to develop its distribution network

KazAzot plant intends to create centers for the sale of mineral fertilizers in the south of Kazakhstan. The company plans to sell 60 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers needed for the development of local agriculture.

In 2023, the needs of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan in mineral fertilizers will amount to 703 thousand tons against 604 thousand tons this year. At the same time, about half of them are met by imports from other countries, in particular, from Russia.

KazAzot also wants to build a complex by 2026 for the annual production of 500 thousand tons of ammonia and similar volumes of ammonium nitrate and carbamide. As a result, after another two years, the production of ammonium nitrate by KazAzot will reach 900 thousand tons per year, completely closing the demand for it from the agriculture of Kazakhstan.

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