Uralchem carries humanitarian products to Malawi

Uralchem announces that a 20 thousand-ton batch of complex fertilizers destined for Malawi has been fully unloaded from the ship in the port of Beira (Mozambique) and is ready for the final, land stage of transportation to the country of destination.

The delivery is carried out with the close assistance of the UN World Food Programme, which has chartered a ship to transport mineral fertilizers from the Netherlands to Mozambique.

The humanitarian party for Malawi is part of Uralchem’s intention to provide about 300 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers to developing countries free of charge. The project is being implemented in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 “Zero hunger, ensure food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

“We are confident that joint efforts are the most effective way to combat acute food crises in developing countries. The use of fertilizers allows us to significantly increase production volumes, and we are aware of their particular importance in leveling the risks of hunger around the world,” said Dmitry Konyaev, General Director of Uralchem.

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