Togliattiazot resumes carbamide deliveries by river

Togliattiazot plant (Samara region) has resumed carbamide deliveries on the river-sea vessels, suspended in 2015, to consumers in the southern direction. The decision to resume such deliveries was made in the framework of the company’s development strategy until 2025.

Seven thousand tons of carbamide were delivered from the river port of Togliatti to the buyer in Varna (Bulgaria) in just ten days. The next shipment in the same direction is scheduled for August.

Fertilizer shipment through the port of Togliatti is planned to become regular during the navigation period (from April to November). In the future, it will become possible to conclude long-term contracts with deliveries through this logistics channel.

Togliattiazot is the main supplier of ammonia to the countries of the Black Sea basin. There are potential clients in the region who also use bulk mineral fertilizers for production and marketing needs. Thus, the new logistics channel will allow the company to develop a competitive market for the sale of carbamide.

At the same time, the port of Togliatti is not the only option of Togliattiazot for the transshipment of carbamide. It’s also possible to use the southern Russian ports if the client base expands and the demand for deliveries by river and sea transport in this direction increases.

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